06.06.2018 — 16:39
Khmelnytsky investment

List of land plots in the Khmelnytskyi region that may be offered to potential investors

Available production, office premises of the Khmelnytsky region that can be used by investors for industrial facilities, tourist and recreational complexes, shopping and office centers

Investment proposals of Khmelnytsky

Biofuels – production of fuel pellets and sliver

Construction of a campsite with 30 places and a parking lot

Construction of a treatment and preventive care institution with radon treatment water

Construction of a waste recycling complex with dry aerobic fermentation and dRDF pallets production

Construction of mineral water bottling plant

Construction of Sports Palace in Khmelnytskyi

Construction of the GLAUCONITE sorbent release plant «Scientific and production commercial enterprise «EKORESURS» Ltd

Construction of the solar power plant in Vyshnopil, Severyny villages of Starokostiantyniv Raion

Creation of a balneological resort

Creation of informational tourist center of Horodotskyidistrict

Creation of recreational complex Hamarnia

Development of Tashkivskyi and Varvarivskyi

Development of tourist potential of Horodotskyi district

Development of Trostianets deposit of granites

Establishment and development of cycling infrastructure in Khmelnytskyi

Expansion of production of fuel pellets

Household waste processing plant

Infrastructure development of the industrial park Slavuta

Modernization of chalk factory and production of new types of products based on biotechnology and nanotechnology

Production and trading of pellets and briquettes (biofuel)

Production of agrochemical products

Reconstruction and overhaul of the «Lokomotyv» stadium with the arrangement of physical-culture, recreational facilities

Reconstruction of a bread-baking plant in Levkivka village, Starokostyantyniv district

Reconstruction of the non-residential building of the boiler house into the sports-based rehabilitation centre with an extension on Partyzanskaya Street, 3 in the town of Krasyliv, Khmelnytskyi region

Reconstruction of the Old Fortress barracks into the recreational and tourist complex with the tourist infrastructure

Restoration of brick, ceramic tile production in Butsniva village of Yablunivka village council, Derazhnyansky District, Khmelnytskyi Region

Territorial development of residential microdistricts of Netishyn city in Khmelnytskyi region

The development of the forest-communal enterprise

The replacement of the buses of classes A, В by trolleybuses on public routes

Wood processing and manufacturing of wood products